Our Beginnings

Founded in 2020 in Los Angeles, California, Stash Proof emerged with a clear mission: to craft exceptional, long-lasting products that outshine any competition. We introduced our signature 5.5 Mil thick vacuum seal bags and odor-resistant bags, setting the stage for a continually expanding product range. Our goal is to offer a diverse array of styles and colors, ensuring you have discreet options wherever life takes you. Additionally, we are committed to supporting our community by partnering with organizations like Social Impact Services to bring awareness, resources, and services to individuals with mental health and developmental disabilities.

Founder & CEO
Oluseyi James Olaleye

The Power of Vacuum Sealing

Recognizing the dire impact of food waste on our planet, we developed a solution. Our BPA-free, food-safe, and reusable vacuum seal bags not only surpass competitors in durability but also combat waste by preserving your food and herbs up to ten times longer. Designed for both commercial and home use, each bag features a pre-marked cutting guide, streamlining your experience. With Stash Proof, rest assured your stash remains safe from punctures, smells, and spoilage.

Stylish Discretion with Stash Proof Bags

At Stash Proof, we've long championed the legalization of the cannabis industry, dating back to 2013. We believe everyone within the community deserves the freedom to move discreetly, free from discrimination. To address this need, we crafted vegan leather luxury bags that boast 100% odor resistance, allowing you to stash in style while flying under the radar. Whether you're traveling, stashing, or setting trends, our range of carbon-lined bags, available in a spectrum of unique colors and styles, ensures Stash Proof has you covered.